MMC Oil & Gas Engineering (MMCOG) and DORIS (HQ in Paris) have just established a Malaysian Joint Venture named DORIS MMC Sdn Bhd (DORIS MMC), which aims to provide quality engineering services at highly competitive rates for oil and gas projects, as well as state-of-the-art engineering services for low carbon and new energy projects. DORIS MMC, is based in Kuala Lumpur and functions as a global engineering centre, representing DORIS and MMCOG’s long-term commitment to the Asia Pacific region and a new value proposition to the global energy industry.

DORIS and MMCOG have successfully completed a number of small projects together over the course of this year, enabling them to calibrate delivery processes, and forge effective working relationships.

With its people and systems now ready for delivery, DORIS MMC Sdn Bhd is presently engaged in a marketing campaign to inform its current clients and to expose its capabilities to prospective clients. Additionally, it is also preparing to tender for several projects, including large forthcoming developments in the Middle East and Asia. DORIS and MMCOG acknowledge that DORIS MMC must be nimble and innovative to ensure its long-term success as the energy business continues to adapt to the changing demands of both the Asia Pacific and worldwide markets.

This applies not only to technical solutions, but also to commercial outcomes and the collaboration between DORIS and MMCOG fosters an atmosphere that allows clients to receive maximum level of value. As it offers “Engineering Solutions for the Future,” DORIS MMC strengthens existing relationships and forges new ones, deepening the commitment of both partners to the Asia Pacific and other parts of the world.

May this long-term partnership between DORIS and MMCOG will continue to provide international and domestic clients with the high-quality engineering they expect and open doors to many different opportunities and achieve even greater heights in the future.

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